Keep Moving Forward…

This past week has been difficult emotionally. Sometimes something happens that hurts, but helps you to see the truth in so much. So today I started writing in a journal titled “Carpe Diem”. The writing prompt was “Today I will…” and I wanted to share where it took me:

“Today I will not let others make me feel defeated. I will not let the actions of others who are easily swayed allow me to think that I have done anything wrong by not following the crowd instead of my instincts or my heart.

I will use my cancer story to help others, whether it’s one or one thousand women. I will put pen to paper and bring my words to life. 

I will let the love of my husband, daughter, parents, family and friends give me the extra strength I need to keep pushing forward. I will use that love to follow my dreams to their fullest extent and to stop myself from feeling dismayed or beaten down by those who have no faith in me, because it’s those people who will someday regret pushing me away when they finally see the truth that’s been right there all along.”

Never let anyone or any group make you feel like you are nothing. Always keep moving forward.


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