Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

If you didn’t know, January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM). It is a time for us to remind women how important it is to get their annual well woman check-ups and a time for us to remember the women who have gone through cervical cancer or who we have lost due to cervical cancer. I could go into all the details of cervical cancer, HPV, and prevention, but instead I’ll suggest you read up on it yourself at www.cervivor.org.

This post is going to remain short. Tomorrow, January 31, is the final day of CCAM. Many women I know from Cervivor have been busting their butts on social media, through local community events, and on blogs to advocate so more women are better educated about cervical cancer and HPV. We “Cervivors” are saddened when yet another woman is diagnosed and has to go through what we’ve gone through (and may still be going through). We strive to inform and communicate with our friends, family and total strangers in hopes that we can prevent even just one more case of cervical cancer.

What I ask is that, no matter who you are or if cervical cancer has affected you on a personal level or not, on January 31 you go to work or school or the grocery store (or wherever your day takes you) wearing something teal and white, even something small.

Some may wonder what wearing particular colors for just one day can do… It offers support to women diagnosed with cervical cancer. It offers understanding to women who are Cervivors. And it can offer a reminder to women who may be at risk to make an important appointment and to listen to their bodies.

Wear it proud. Show it off. And remind the women in your life to keep up on their well woman exams so we can reduce the number of women being diagnosed each day. And remember, cervical cancer doesn’t care about how old you are.



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